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We sell more homes than anyone. Perhaps because we advertise and market our homes better than anyone. We are the only Real Estate company in California that operates our own independent graphics and print shop.




We maintain the largest, most sophisticated direct mail program of any Real Estate company we know of.





We produce door hangers, brochures, postcards, newspaper ads, magazine ads, signs, and literally hundreds of other items to help our associates sell your home fast, for top dollar, while at the same time reducing their marketing cost. The advantage to you, our client, is with lower costs our associates can afford to do more for you.




Our internet site has received numerous awards in Central California, including Best Real Estate information service. Now, you can find instant information on every home for sale by every Broker from Merced to Visalia, including Oakhurst and Mountain communities. provides the same information, 24/7, including photos to you on the fly, direct to your cell. Drive by any home for sale, by any Broker, and simply enter the address or street – Voilà, instant info.




We also provide marketing help for many other Real Estate companies, as well as for sale by owner. Many of our services can be ordered online. For more information about our special marketing services, from car wraps and car signs to billboards and banners, visit us at or stop by 6442 N. Maroa.



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