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Short Sales

We'll sell your home and put CASH in your pocket!

Owe more than your home is worth? Recently unemployed? Behind on your payments? Facing foreclosure? A "Short Sale" is your solution and we can help!

In short, a Short Sale is a process which enables you to sell your home for a price which is less than the existing mortgage. Your lender will pay the "short" (difference between sales price and loan balance).

Short Sale negotiation may be complicated and lengthy, but we're specialists at managing the process for you.

In the end, we may even be able to put a little cash in your pocket. All inquiries are 100% confidential. Call today, no cost or obligation.

Call us now at (559) 436-4070 to get started or E-mail us with the form below.

Browse our foreclosure library, which consists of short documents explaining how homeowners can avoid foreclosure and foreclosure scams. The library consists of the following titles:

  1. 'New Policy' Offers Relief to Underwater Borrowers & CA Homeowner Bill of Rights
  2. Proposition 8 - Property Tax Relief
  3. Tips for a Short Sale Seller
  4. Tips for a Short Sale Buyer
  5. Foreclosure or Short Sale?
  6. Foreclosure Prevention Resources
  7. Short Sale Process, Foreclosure Timeline
  8. Homeowner Liability After Foreclosure
  9. Avoiding Foreclosure Scams, Alternatives to Foreclosure.
  10. Waive Your Payments For 6 Months
  11. Information on the Mortgage Debt Relief Act of 2007
  12. Information on the Short Sale process
  13. Taxation of Foreclosures and Short Sales
  14. HAFA fact sheet
  15. Consumer fraud alerts

Homes listed for sale as Short Sales may be a wonderful opportunity for Buyers to purchase at rock-bottom prices.

Click here for a list of Short Sale homes now available for purchase.

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