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There's no shortage of bad news in the world today. I don't know about you but I'm sometimes weary of it. When we focus on grief, doubts, fears, and life's disappointment, it seems to me we pay far too much attention to the wrong things.


What we give our attention to can frequently bring more of the same. So why not change our focus. All our lives are challenging, what we need more of in this world are positive inspirations, to help us meet those challenges.


Inspirations are thoughts that bring us back in line with positive energy and who we really are. Over the years I've collected a host of little stories that do that for me. Recently I thought that others may enjoy these inspirations. If you are that person, I'd like to share them with you. My sincere hope is that you may enjoy them and share them with those you love. We will be adding new stories as time goes by. They are here for you to enjoy and use. Where they originated from a source we found to be copyrighted, we've asked permission to share and provided credit and links to their rightful owner. Please respect those.



Dan Conner

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